Skynazar Chess Club

Sunday Action Quads

In-person Over-the-Board Practice.

Quad Format

  • Skynazar Club now conducts a regular "Quad" Tournament open to all scholastic (K-12) players.
    Quads, which group students by their skill level, are a great way for students to get closer matchups for a more fun and competitive challenge
  • Players must register weekly and in advance.
  • Each Quad will have 3 rounds.
  • First 12 students will be enrolled for Registration
  • Registration on First Cum First Served basis.
  • Quads are only for Kids 1 -12 Grades.


  • Every Last Sunday of the Month.
  • Sunday, 6 pm EST

Time Control

  • G/25; Increment 5.
  • Each player receives 25 minutes plus a 5 second bonus each move to complete each game.

Entry Fee

  • Kids: $10 in cash*.
  • Must register weekly - first registered, first served.


  • Round 1 starts at 6 pm, other rounds will follow ASAP.
  • Players must register weekly and in advance.


  • Quads - Students are placed into groups of 4 by their most recent "Live" Chess ratings to help ensure that students get close matchups.
  • Chess Boards, Pieces and Clock will be provided.


  • Medal to winner of each quad.
  • Players must register weekly and in advance.
  • New Players must register before a Week.
  • Venue: Cheswyck @Ballantyne

Registration Entry