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Skynazar Chess Academy as part of Skynazar Foundation on a Non Profit Scheme, conducts training on Chess Skills and Online Chess Tournaments at Competitive Levels to Kids and passionate Players, providing a strong platform tools for learning, practicing and Competing with other Tournament players across India, USA, Canada and other countries. It provides the Best Coaches around India and USA to provide the finest skills and foundation to Kids.

Learn the Art of Chess through our Customized Online Classrooms, Quiz, Puzzles, notes and Tournaments with Advanced Training Tools that will surely help you to increase your Chess Levels.

Our Coaches currently Play, Perform, Study and Research in Latest trends in Chess Strategies, Principles and Tactics that is played across by World Grandmasters to deliver maximum quality to Kids and Self Growth.

We conduct Online coaching by Zoom Online Meetings and custom Chess Tools for our Tournaments.

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Success Stories

Meet our Chess Kids who have increased their ratings around 500 to 1000 points during our Training course.

''In the wake of pandemic days, we were looking for some online learning programs and happened to come across Skynaar Chess Club through a friend. We gave it a try and it was an instant hit for my son Aarush. Aarush knew very little prior to joining this program. The regular instruction, puzzles, games and tournaments have developed a lot of zeal in him to play chess. It's is a really worthy experience not only learning the game but also develop logical skills and be more creative. ''

by Yugandhar Panga for Aarush, Omaha USA.

''Harshith was missing Chess a lot when the Chess classes were all closed due to pandemic. That's when I heard about Skynazar and it is very impressive. Within very short time he was able to tune himself for online classes. I never realized that Chess onine classes are so interactive, effective, and efficient. The chess classes have been always interactive with all kids learning/practicing online. Kids are given chess puzzles in every class to solve within the class in addition to learning nice tricks. Kids have an opportunity to watch how peers are playing, also the instructors have control to make a suggestion during the play of each game. Since then Harshith has been enjoying online classes very much. Awesome job by instructors Sasmita and Harish !''

by Kiran Racha for Harshith Racha, California USA

''I feel my son is more organized in terms of his Time management and his Work after being a Chess player. He has improved his Thinking skills. I love the way Skynazar team conducts the chess session. Especially Kids get to practice the Chess game and puzzles. ''

by Paresh and Deepa for Ritesh, Charlotte USA

''My Kid has developed Patience and learnt how to challenge himself. In the initial days he feared to face any tournaments, but over the period, he gained confidence and now volunteers and gives a try. He never misses his classes and loves to be part of Skynazar's team. ''

by Saravanan for Jayanth, Charlotte USA

''Chess is not about Winning or Losing. Its more about Learning to create your way. Something you do, then your opponent Counter attacks and thats when your Magical Will Powers should dominate the wonders. Its not just about a Win but at the end of the day You need to turn it for a Large Winning !''

by Srivatsa, Charlotte USA